May 20, 2015

New York Live May 1996 (Das Efx, Natural Elements)

Dug up this dusty, 89.1 WNYU, New York Live Show from sometime around April/May of 1996.

DJ Mayhem, A-Butta and L-Swift were fresh back from their trip to London, recording joints with the Creators as 2-Face. The rip starts off with Mayhem debuting an unmixed version of 'Hey, Hey, Hey' and then flows into a freestyle session with diggy Das Efx promoting 'Hold it Down.'

They close it out with a long freestyle session featuring A-Butta, L-Swift, AL Skills, and Quiz. This was Natural Elements off the top, at their best, flowing off the last word in each other's lines.

May 9, 2015

Wildman Steve & DJ Riz 1993

Peace to DJ Eclipse, putting up some classic NYC radio shows on his Mixcloud. This one is a Wildman Steve & DJ Riz show from March 1, 1993. Their show was on 90.3 WBAU, in Long Island, from 1990-1995 (I think). This show features an appearance from Wu-Tang Clan pre album release. There's a lengthy interview and then they kill it over Black Moon's 'Who got the Props.'

May 5, 2015

Hard 2 Obtain 'How We Do' Demo

This one is another treat courtesy of P-Love from the Solo Vibes crew. Hard to Obtain with 'How We Do,' a demo track circa 1993-1994. They use the same Isley Brothers loop BIG used for 'Big Poppa'

May 4, 2015

Sale Alert! Stretch Tapes!!

Ok folks, so this is rare opportunity that I'm happy to present to the readers of Dirty Waters. DJ Emskee is selling his ENTIRE Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show tape collection! That's right, every 89.9 show DJ Emskee has ever recorded could be yours, on the original cassette it was recorded on, live. Any blogs, forums, websites, please promote this to help this collection find the right home.

Stretch digitized these cassettes personally, and remarked that Emskee had the 'new title for most shows taped.' Emskee has made a handful of promos with DJ Slyce for Stretch & Bobbito's show that were played live as early as 1993. This is a LEGENDARY collection. You will not find anyone, anywhere, with a deeper, more thorough, more complete collection of Stretch Armstrong shows anywhere! And they could be yours!!
We're talking about full 4 hour shows, mostly every week, with shows dating back as early as 1992 and stretching until the end of the show's run in 1998. 

Emskee is asking for $1,000 or highest bid for the whole collection. This is an attempt to list them independently of eBay, to a local fan in the area who would be willing to pick up the tapes in person. International interest will also be considered for those willing to pay shipping. Local buyers, Emskee will meet you in person in the Manhattan or Brooklyn area, bless you with the crate, and give you a pound. All serious inquiries please e-mail your offers to stretchtapes at, and then the winner can work out the details with Emskee. Bidding will close for this auction on May 30th and the highest bid will be considered.

Don't pass this opportunity to own the illest Stretch & Bobbito collection available anywhere! Eclusively through Dirty Waters, and right in time to get you amped for the forthcoming Stretch and Bobbito documentary. Also check Emskee's latest project with producer Easy Mo bee called 'Two For One'

April 28, 2015

KRS rarities/oddities

As a fan of  music, DJ, collector, seller, I'm always researching music. Just for shits and giggles I searched 'KRS' in the popsike search engine to see which of his records sold for the highest prices. This led me to find a bunch of BDP/KRS records I had either never known about or forgotten about...

For those of you that are curious, the winner of the highest priced KRS-One record is an acetate of a double sided instrumental 12" of Jimmy/Stop The Violence which sold for an astounding $577 on ebay. The only thing exclusive on this is the 'Jimmy' Instrumental. I'm guessing the draw is that it's an acetate? You can't even play this thing more than a few times before you destroy it.

There were other instrumental test pressings that sold for quite a bit as well, including a 1 of 25 Blueprint instrumental show vinyl, and another 1 of 25 show vinyl.

Now on to the seldom heard KRS tracks...

April 15, 2015

Stretch & Bobbito 11-16-1995

First off, sorry for the lack of posting these past few months. The amount of radio material that
I have, that hasn't already been shared, is lacking. I've been working on some mixes and beats
and plan to post some of those up here in the future for those interested.

This show is a request from Chris, who probably has the largest stash of active online Stretch & Bob shows, so if you see a link missing for one of the shows here, there's a good chance he'll have it. For those in the tri-state, Stretch and Bobbito have announced the first screening for their upcoming documentary. Peace to Hectic Eclectic for sharing this a few years back...

This show features Group Home dropping some freestyles (actually lyrics from their album). They weren't exactly revered for their lyrics, but this was a cool session to hear live because I remember this was before the album dropped. That Livin' Proof LP was probably one of the biggest that year. It was also kool to hear Stretch using G Rap's 'For the Brothas' instrumental, which I've never seen available on vinyl. 

Also on this tape you have INI and an extended interview and cipher with Omniscence and producer Fanatik, who I think just recently released some of their eastwest material from this time period. Enjoy and check back now and again for more flavors!

November 16, 2014

M.O.P. - Breakin' The Rules (Laze E Laze Remix)

As dope as the original DJ Premier version of this song was, I always preferred this remix from Laze E Laze. Laze E Laze did the bulk of the production for M.O.P. over the years, along with Primo. This was a white label unreleased remix that was on the B-Side of  'Downtown Swinga '98.' I always dug the laughing hyenas he had going on the background.

M.O.P. - Breakin' The Rules (Remix)

November 5, 2014

Stretch & Bobbito 1996 (Hot 97)

I'm not sure if this a re-up or what. I have trouble remembering which shows I've posted after doing this blog for so long. This one has a good track list and a few exclusives here and there. Enjoy

October 24, 2014